On applying Mehndi

November 4, 2012 admin Mehndi

I am very fond of henna or what people synonymously call mehndi sometimes. I love its fragrance as well the intense color of its leaves which it leaves on palms and hands when applied. It was really both exciting for me as well as my cousin friend as we were here to attend a mehndi of our neighbor’s daughter. She was looking extremely chic and beautiful in the green lehnga she adored for the ceremony that evening, I saw the mehndiwali was sitting beside my neighbor’s daughter and was intrinsically carving out a very beautiful design on both her hands. To see all this happen along with a zing of music and dances with dholak and other more rhythmic instruments was a pleasant surprise for me that night. It was a bridal night, and I was so much impressed by the henna designing that I resolved to sketch out a tattoo for myself. Pretty convinced were the people around me as I flaunted the tattoo under my neck on the rear side. I could just exclaim and speak little about the beautiful color that the henna developed and left me all praises. More information about mehndi can be found here: http://www.puja.com/mehndi/



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